The organization Civilian Exposure was founded in 2013 by Gavin P. Smith. The website documents environmental pollution caused by the US military. In addition to US sites, this also affects Okinawa, for example, through the work of British journalist Jon Mitchell, who is based there.

On this website, Military Poisons and WILPF US Earth Democracy document the role of the military in regional PFAS contamination in order to jointly campaign for legal measures and decisive action to eliminate environmental pollution. Under the direction of Pat Elder, PFAS contamination is documented not only in the USA, but also by US military bases in Germany and Japan.

The US organization World Beyond War sees itself as a global anti-war movement to achieve a just and sustainable peace. Selected pages on the homepage:

Why end War: War Threatens Our EnvironmentWar Destroys Environment – Costs of War

Environmentalists against War
is a network of environmental organisations and individuals in the USA that has been in existence since the US attack on Iraq in 2003. Its aim is to fight together against the social and ecological effects of war and militarism in the USA and worldwide.

The Costs of War Project of the Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs at Brown University (USA) has presented a study on the carbon footprint of the US military, among other things. This was carried out under the responsibility of Neta Crawford. or


CEOBS was founded in 2018 with the main objective of raising awareness and understanding of the interrelated environmental and humanitarian consequences of conflict and military activities. The work of CEOBS aims to go beyond the environmental consequences of war and also consider the role of environmental factors in triggering or fuelling crises and conflicts.


Extra CEOBS homepage on greenhouse gas emissions from the military.

Scientists for Global Responsibility
Focus on topics and projects that deal with the role of the military in environmental pollution, such as military CO2 emissions, the nuclear industry and nuclear weapons.

Transform Defence is a British initiative that is primarily involved with cultural contributions, e.g. with films and their financing.


The International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons – ICBUW – aims to ban uranium weapons worldwide and contribute to their elimination. Uranium ammunition causes illness and death among the civilian population for many generations. Consequently, its use is ethically unacceptable, militarily disproportionate and questionable under international law. 

Internal displacement monitoring centre
Geneva platform for recording global refugee movements caused by environmental/climate disasters and armed conflicts

Stay Grounded
The Stay Grounded network is working worldwide to reduce air traffic and establish a climate-friendly transport system.
The focus here is also on military air traffic.


The nuclear chain 

German and English-language IPPNW homepage on uranium mining, uranium ammunition, nuclear power, reprocessing, nuclear weapons and nuclear waste